October 19, 2018 / Reading time: 1 minutes

Post the sunglassed and sunglazed and felt-longer-than-it-actually-was walk from the studio to Radha theatre, post daydreaming choosing a seat at random in an otherwise empty auditorium like the many golden old midnights of Gurgaon, post the closed-yet-open-for-pedestrians railway bridge where this lady was trying to remember what 127 Hours was called (she explained everything except the boulder in Malayalam as we crossed the bridge in a civilised single file), post all that and the slithering queue for the few not-yet-sold-out seats for ’96, this.

View From the Cheap Seats (Neil Gaiman), essays and speeches on people, places, word-things, world-things. Nooru Simhaasanangal (A Hundred Thrones, Jeyamohan), novel on people and their places in the world. Aanadoctor (Elephant-Doctor, Jeyamohan), novel on people-people, people-animals and animal-animals. Uravidangal (Sources, Jeyamohan), notes on a life well-lived. (It seems the Matrubhumi article ill-quotes a lot of truly beautiful stuff from this book. Now I know.) Kayar Murkukayaanu (The Noose Tightens, Kalpetta Narayanan Maash), similar to ‘Cheap Seats’ in its content; way more lyrical in its prose. Sons of Thunder: Writing from the Fast Lane: A Motorcycling Anthology (Editor: Neil Bradford), texts on motorcycles, etc. Killing Commendatore (Haruki Murakami), well, Murakami.