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The single-machine-workshop is run in an open garage.

The press in its heyday churned out wedding invitations and notices for local businesses and the informal money-sharing-economy. I acquired it after the original owner decided to move on to an offset machine.

The Machine

Modelled after a Pearl platen, this press was manufactured in the Punjab, and is only twenty-plus years young. Powered by the foot-pedal or the attached 1 HP motor, the machine can print on sheets upto A4 (8 by 11 inches) size. There is a small business in town that makes (non-polymer) plates. Good quality letterpress-ready paper that plays nice with relief is, however, relatively harder to find, and is often a very costly indulgence.


If you want to discuss a project and don’t mind waiting upto a month for a print-run, please write in. If you wish to come by and take in the grease-oil-ink smell yourself, the nonexistent doors to the printery are open.

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