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Caught Miss K sneaking in a sizeable nap as I was leaving for the studio.

Miss K was previously caught conversing with one of the seven sisters hanging on to a yellowed leaf on the areca palm by the window. (This was before the attempted assault on the squirrel-nest over the ventilation hole under the window in question. We think these incidents are connected, somewhat, definitely. Miss K pretends she can’t hear us speak of the event and switches to a pretend-race with some lizard off camera.) Miss K was trying to bump up the radius on a Gaussian Blur dialog box as I was distracted by a passing cyclist. Miss K was in the middle of trying to topple the small pile of books with Murakami on the bottom; Miss K hates non-Chip-Kidd covers of M’s work. The ‘South of the Border…’ cover now has added scratches next to where the spine meets the side of the bookshelf (it is laid sideways so as to not disturb the mass-market paperback covers in white). Miss K has a thing for blue Staedtlers; she leaves the yellow Kohinoors alone, even the ones right next to her lounging spot on the Wacom.